• (law) In antitrust law, the practice of competitors of raising prices by roughly the same amount at roughly the same time, without engaging in a formal agreement to do so.
  • The state of being in agreement or similarity; resemblance, correspondence, analogy.
  • (philosophy) The doctrine that matter and mind do not causally interact but that physiological events in the brain or body nonetheless occur simultaneously with matching events in the mind.
  • (computing) The use of parallel methods in hardware or software.
  • The state or condition of being parallel; agreement in direction, tendency, or character.
  • (rhetoric, grammar) The juxtaposition of two or more identical or equivalent syntactic constructions, especially those expressing the same sentiment with slight modifications, introduced for rhetorical effect.
  • (biology) Similarity of features between two species resulting from their having taken similar evolutionary paths following their initial divergence from a common ancestor.
  • A parallel position; the relation of parallels.

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