• (poker slang) Of or relating to quads.
  • Having four shots of espresso.


  • (informal) A quadriceps muscle.
  • (chess) A kind of round robin tournament between four players, where each participant plays every other participant once.
  • (typography, phototypesetting and digital typesetting) A keyboard command which aligns text with the left or right margin, or centred between them. In combination, as quad left, quad right, or quad centre.
  • (computer graphics) A quadrilateral.
  • A quad bike.
  • (printing slang) A joke used to fill long days of setting type.
  • (informal) A quadruplet (infant).
  • Four shots of espresso.
  • (Mormonism) The Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price bound in a single volume.
  • (letterpress typography) A blank metal block used to fill short lines of type.
  • (informal) A quadrangle (courtyard).


  • (typography, phototypesetting and digital typesetting, transitive, intransitive) To align text with the left or right margin, or centre it.
  • (letterpress typography, transitive, intransitive) To fill spaces in a line of type with quads. Also quad out.

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