• Not busy, of low quantity.

    "Business was quiet for the season."

  • (software) Requiring little or no interaction.

    "a quiet install"

  • Not busy, of low quantity.

    "The traffic was quiet for a Monday morning."

  • Not showy; undemonstrative.

    "a quiet dress; quiet colours; a quiet movement"

  • Having little motion or activity; calm.

    "the sea was quiet; a quiet night at home; all quiet on the Western front"

  • Not talking much or not talking loudly; reserved.

    "He's a very quiet man usually, but is very chatty after a few beers."

  • With little or no sound; free from of disturbing noise.

    "I can't hear the music; it is too quiet."


  • the absence of movement; stillness, tranquility
  • The absence of sound; quietness.

    "We need a bit of quiet before we can start the show."

  • "There was a strange quiet in the normally very lively plaza."


  • To cause someone to become quiet.

    "The umpire quieted the crowd, so the game could continue in peace."

  • "Can you quiet your child? He's making lots of noise."

  • To become quiet, silent, still, tranquil, calm.

    "When you quiet, we can start talking."

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