• Radiating from a center; having rays or parts diverging from a center; radiated.

    "a radiate crystal"

  • (biology) Having radial symmetry, like a seastar.
  • (botany) Having parts radiating from the center, like the petals in many flowers.
  • Surrounded by rays, such as the head of a saint in a religious picture.
  • (zoology) Belonging to the Radiata.


  • (zoology) One of the Radiata.


  • To expose to ionizing radiation, such as by radiography.
  • To extend, send or spread out from a center like radii.
  • (transitive) To illuminate.
  • (ecology, intransitive) to spread into new habitats, migrate.
  • (intransitive) To come out or proceed in rays or waves.

    "The heat radiates from a stove."

  • (transitive) To manifest oneself in a glowing manner.
  • (transitive) To emit rays or waves.

    "The stove radiates heat."

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