• (dated) A prank or practical joke.
  • (in the plural) Tattered clothes.
  • A ragtime song, dance or piece of music. [from 19th c.]
  • A ragged edge in metalworking.
  • (poker slang) A card that appears to help no one.
  • A coarse kind of rock, somewhat cellular in texture; ragstone.
  • (obsolete, US) An informal dance party featuring music played by African-American string bands. [19th c.]
  • A shabby, beggarly fellow; a ragamuffin.
  • (slang, pejorative) A newspaper, magazine.
  • (Britain, Ireland) A society run by university students for the purpose of charitable fundraising.
  • A piece of old cloth; a tattered piece of cloth; a shred, a tatter.
  • (nautical, slang) A sail, or any piece of canvas.
  • (poker slang) A low card.


  • To break (ore) into lumps for sorting.
  • (Britain slang) To drive a car or another vehicle in a hard, fast or unsympathetic manner.
  • To scold or rail at; to rate; to tease; to torment; to banter.
  • (music, obsolete) To add syncopation (to a tune) and thereby make it appropriate for a ragtime song.
  • (intransitive, informal) To dance to ragtime music.
  • (intransitive) To become tattered.
  • To cut or dress roughly, as a grindstone.
  • To tease or torment, especially at a university; to bully, to haze.
  • (transitive, informal) To play or compose (a piece, melody, etc.) in syncopated time.

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