• An inclined surface that connects two levels; an incline.
  • (aviation) A place where an aircraft parks, next to a terminal, for loading and unloading (see also apron)
  • (Appalachia) A promiscuous man or woman; a general insult for a worthless person.
  • (aviation) A mobile staircase that is attached to the doors of an aircraft at an airport
  • A speed bump
  • An American plant, Allium tricoccum, related to the onion; a wild leek.
  • A road that connects a freeway to a surface street or another freeway.
  • (skating) A construction used to do skating tricks, usually in the form of part of a pipe.


  • To behave violently; to rage.
  • To stand in a rampant position.
  • To climb, like a plant; to creep up.
  • To spring; to leap; to bound, rear, or prance; to move swiftly or violently.
  • (intransitive) To change value, often at a steady rate

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