• a snarl, complication


  • To tangle; entangle; entwine confusedly, become snarled; thus to involve; perplex; confuse.

    "1871, Popular Science News, Volumes 5-7[2], Digitized edition, published 2011, page 61:… and in them are minute glands, which resemble ravelled tubes …2011 September 10, Martha T. Moore, “After 9/11, dinner gang raises funds to honor those lost”, USA Today, accessed on 2012-08-24:But the real work of the First Thursday Foundation is remembering, and its biggest gift is knitting back together lives raveled by loss."

  • (computing, programming) In the APL language, to reshape (a variable) into a vector.
  • To pull apart (especially cloth or a seam); unravel.
  • To undo the intricacies of; to disentangle or clarify.

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