• a simple greeting, exclusively used by the upper classes.

    "Tallyho chaps! What's the time, anybody?"

  • (Britain) used to urge on a fox hunt, especially when the fox is sighted.

    "There he is! Coming out of that coppice! Tallyho tallyho tallyho!"

  • (radio, aviation) target sighted.

    "(Pilot): New York, Speedbird 123, tallyho."

  • "(Air Traffic Control): Speedbird 123, New York, traffic at two o’clock, seven miles, a Boeing 737, west-bound, at 4000 feet.”"


  • (dated) A pleasure coach.
  • the interjection.

    "Alright, I'll give them the old tallyho."


  • to articulate the interjection.

    "I'll tallyho once we've got to the top."

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