• A kind of bur used in dressing cloth; a teasel.
  • The male inflorescence of maize, which consists of loose threads with anthers on them.
  • (architecture) A piece of board that is laid upon a wall as a sort of plate, to give a level surface to the ends of floor timbers.
  • A ball-shaped bunch of plaited or otherwise entangled threads from which at one end protrudes a cord on which the tassel is hung, and which may have loose, dangling threads at the other end. Tassels are normally decorative elements, and as such one often finds them attached, usually along the bottom hem, to garments, curtains or other hangings.
  • A narrow silk ribbon, or similar, sewed to a book to be put between the pages.
  • The loose hairs at the end of a braid.


  • To put forth a tassel or flower.

    "Maize is a crop that tassels."

  • To adorn with tassels.

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