• Relating to technique.

    "The performance showed technical virtuosity, but lacked inspiration."

  • (of a person) Technically-minded; adept with science and technology.
  • Of or pertaining to the useful or mechanic arts, or to any academic, legal, science, engineering, business, or the like terminology with specific and precise meaning or (frequently, as a degree of distinction) shades of meaning; specially appropriate to any art, science or engineering field, or business; as, the words of an indictment must be technical.
  • (securities and other markets) Relating to the internal mechanics of a market rather than more basic factors.

    "The market had a technical rally, due to an oversold condition."


  • (basketball) A technical foul: a violation of sportsmanlike conduct, not involving physical contact.
  • A pickup truck with a gun mounted on it.
  • (video games) A special move in certain fighting games that cancels out the effect of an opponent's attack.

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