• (linguistics) An assimilatory process whereby a vowel is pronounced more like a following vocoid that is separated by one or more consonants.
  • (orthography) The diacritical mark ( ¨ ) placed over a vowel, usually when it indicates such assimilation.
  • (linguistics) A vowel so assimilated.
  • (linguistics) The umlaut process (as above) that occurred historically in Germanic languages whereby back vowels became front vowels when followed by syllable containing a front vocoid (e.g. Germanic lūsiz > Old English lȳs(i) > Modern English lice).


  • (linguistics, transitive) To modify (a word) so that an umlaut is required in it.

    "an umlauting vowel"

  • (transitive) To place an umlaut over (a vowel).

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