• (chemistry, medicine, obsolete outside compounds) An extract; a preparation, now especially one effective against a certain number of strains of a pathogen.

    "trivalent vaccine (one meant to be effective against three strains)"

  • (linguistics) The number of arguments that a verb can have, including its subject, ranging from zero (for the likes of "It rains") to three (for the likes of "He gives her a flower").
  • Alternative spelling of valance
  • (chemistry) The number of binding sites of a molecule, such as an antibody or antigen
  • (sociology) value
  • (chemistry) The combining capacity of an atom, radical or functional group determined by the number of electrons that it will lose, gain, or share when it combines with other atoms etc
  • (psychology) A one-dimensional value assigned to an object, situation, or state, that can usually be positive or negative

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