• Something added to give an old thing a new appearance; a patch.
  • An activity or speech intended to fill time or stall.
  • (informal) A vampire.
  • The top part of a boot or shoe, above the sole and welt and in front of the ankle seam, that covers the instep and toes; the front part of an upper; the analogous part of a stocking. [ca. 1225]
  • (music) A repeated and often improvised accompaniment, usually consisting of one or two measures, often a single chord or simple chord progression, repeated as necessary, e.g., to accommodate dialogue or to anticipate the entrance of a soloist. [ca. 1789]
  • Something patched up, pieced together, improvised, or refurbished.
  • A volunteer fire fighter.


  • To patch, repair, or refurbish.
  • To stall or delay, as for an audience.

    "Keep vamping! Something's wrong with the mic!"

  • (transitive) To seduce or exploit someone.
  • To walk.
  • (music) To perform a vamp; to perform a repeated, often improvised accompaniment, e.g. under dialogue or awaiting the readiness of a soloist.
  • (shoemaking) To attach a vamp.
  • (often as vamp up) to put together, improvise, or fabricate.
  • To stall or delay, as for an audience.

    "She went out there to vamp since the speaker was late arriving."

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