• A wing with which the air is beaten.
  • (Britain, dated) A light wagon, either covered or open, used by tradesmen and others for the transportation of goods.
  • A fan or other contrivance, such as a sieve, for winnowing grain.
  • (Britain) An enclosed railway vehicle for transport of goods.
  • Shortened form of caravan.
  • A (covered) vehicle used for carrying goods or people, usually roughly cuboid in shape, longer and higher than a car but smaller than a truck.

    "The van sped down the road."

  • Shortened form of vanguard.
  • (mining) A shovel used in cleansing ore.


  • (transitive) To transport in a van or similar vehicle (especially of horses).
  • (mining) To wash or cleanse, as a small portion of ore, on a shovel.

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