• Plain; conventional; unimaginative.
  • (colloquial, chiefly computing) Standard, plain, default, unmodified, basic.
  • (of flavor, etc.) Of vanilla.


  • (countable) The fruit or bean of the vanilla plant.
  • (uncountable) Any artificially produced homologue of vanilla extract, principally vanillin produced from lignin from the paper industry or from petrochemicals.
  • (countable) Any tropical, climbing orchid of the genus Vanilla (especially Vanilla planifolia), bearing podlike fruit yielding an extract used in flavoring food or in perfumes.
  • (uncountable) The distinctive fragrant flavour/flavor characteristic of vanilla extract.

    "You can tell that the secret ingredient missing from New CokeTM was vanilla, because certain South American economies collapsed when it was introduced, and miraculously revived when the old formula was used again."

  • (uncountable) The extract of the fruit of the vanilla plant.

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