• (Scotland, slang) A child.
  • A gradual diminution in power, value, intensity etc.
  • (woodworking) A rounded corner caused by lack of wood, often showing bark.
  • (literary) The end of a period.

    "Wane siding on a cabin at S.B. Elliott State Park"

  • (chiefly Northern England and Scotland, obsolete) A house or dwelling.
  • The lunar phase during which the sun seems to illuminate less of the moon as its sunlit area becomes progressively smaller as visible from Earth.


  • (intransitive, astronomy) Said of the Moon as it passes through the phases of its monthly cycle where its surface is less and less visible.
  • (transitive, obsolete) To cause to decrease.
  • (intransitive) Said of light that dims or diminishes in strength.
  • (intransitive, archaic) To decrease physically in size, amount, numbers or surface.
  • (intransitive) To progressively lose its splendor, value, ardor, power, intensity etc.; to decline.
  • (intransitive) Said of a time period that comes to an end.

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