• A thin covering or coat.

    "a washing of silver"

  • (uncountable, chiefly Britain, New Zealand) Clothing, bedlinen or soft furnishings that have been, are currently being, or are to be washed; laundry.
  • A place where a precious metal found in gravel is separated from lighter material by washing.

    "the gold-washings, or silver-washings"

  • (pottery) The covering of a piece with an infusible powder, which prevents it from sticking to its supports, while receiving the glaze.
  • (uncountable) The action of the verb to wash
  • The liquid used to wash an ore.
  • (stock exchange) A fraudulent transaction in which the same stock is simultaneously bought and sold for the purpose of manipulating the market.
  • (countable, often in the plural) The residue after an ore, etc, has been washed


  • present participle of wash

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