• Superfluous; needless.
  • Rejected as being defective; eliminated as being worthless; produced in excess.
  • Unfortunate; disappointing.
  • Barren; desert.
  • Dismal; gloomy; cheerless.
  • (now rare) Uncultivated, uninhabited.


  • A large tract of uncultivated land.
  • The action or progress of wasting; extravagant consumption or ineffectual use.

    "That was a waste of time"

  • Gradual loss or decay.
  • Excess of material, useless by-products or damaged, unsaleable products; garbage; rubbish.
  • (geology) Material derived by mechanical and chemical erosion from the land, carried by streams to the sea.
  • A place that has been laid waste or destroyed.
  • A disused mine or part of one.
  • Large abundance of something, specifically without it being used.
  • (rare) Destruction or devastation caused by war or natural disasters; See "to lay waste"
  • (law) A cause of action which may be brought by the owner of a future interest in property against the current owner of that property to prevent the current owner from degrading the value or character of the property, either intentionally or through neglect.
  • A waste land; an uninhabited desolate region; a wilderness or desert.
  • A vast expanse of water.
  • The action or progress of wasting; extravagant consumption or ineffectual use.

    "Her life seemed a waste"

  • A decaying of the body by disease; wasting away.
  • Excrement

    "The cage was littered with animal waste"


  • (transitive, now rare) To devastate or destroy.
  • (transitive, slang) To kill; to murder.
  • (law) To damage, impair, or injure (an estate, etc.) voluntarily, or by allowing the buildings, fences, etc., to fall into decay.
  • (transitive) To squander (money or resources) uselessly; to spend (time) idly.

    "E. Kay (1822-1897), afterwards Lord Justice of Appeal, had rooms on the same staircase as myself, and we wasted a great deal of time together, both in term and in my second summer vacation. 1909. Francis Galton, Memories of my life, p. 69.We wasted millions of dollars and several years on that project."

  • (intransitive) To be diminished; to lose bulk, substance, strength, value etc. gradually.
  • (transitive) To wear away by degrees; to impair gradually; to diminish by constant loss; to use up; to consume; to spend; to wear out.
  • (intransitive) Gradually lose weight, weaken, become frail.

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