• An official providing honorable service in a royal or high noble household, ranking between a squire and a page. Especially, a Yeoman of the Guard, a member of a ceremonial bodyguard to the UK monarch (not to be confused with a Yeoman Warder).
  • A Yeoman Warder.
  • A member of the Yeomanry Cavalry officially chartered in 1794 originating around the 1760s.
  • A subordinate, deputy, aide, or assistant.
  • (nautical) In a vessel of war, the person in charge of the storeroom.
  • (historical) A former class of small freeholders who farm their own land; a commoner of good standing.
  • A clerk in the US navy, and US Coast Guard.
  • A member of the Imperial Yeomanry officially created in 1890s and renamed in 1907.

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