• Representing the sound or action of a zap.

    "Then the computer went zap and I lost all my work."


  • (colloquial) An electrical shock.

    "You might feel a little zap touching a metal doorknob when the air is dry."

  • (colloquial) A sound made by a sudden release of electricity or some similar energy.


  • To heat (something) in a microwave oven.

    "If it's not warm in the middle, zap it some more."

  • To make a zapping sound.
  • To damage (especially electronics) with electrostatic discharge.

    "I think they zapped the processor."

  • To further energize or charge (magnetic material).

    "They zapped my motor's magnets."

  • To strike (something or someone) with electricity or energy, as by shooting.

    "They spent the whole movie zapping bad guys into oblivion."

  • To delete or discard (electronic media).

    "They zapped a lot of files before realizing they had not backed up lately."

  • To use a remote control to repeatedly change channels on a television.

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